The Blackboard Inc.- Board of Directors


            The Blackboardís Noir Etiquette and Rules to Live By

             (Or: how to behave in a dark cyber alley)


1.       The Blackboard, is dedicated to the discussion, promotion and enhancement of

       Classic Film Noir as a unique cultural art form.


2.   Direct all comments and suggestions about the operations of The Blackboard to the  Board Administrator  Also linked at the board header. 


3.     All posts will be within the bounds of civilized behavior and consideration for others. Anyone who posts disruptive, racist, hateful, sexist or obscene images and/or writing is D.O.A.  Name calling and out right intentional insults will be deleted and the poster will be banned. It's recommended that you copy the board administrator's email address and store it for access. 


4.   Political discussion related to film is allowed otherwise find a political board and go there.


5.       Within reason, posts and on-line discussions should be based on film noir based subjects and themes. Of course, everyone is occasionally apt to wander off course when fate reaches out and taps you on the shoulder.  All we ask is that the posts on the board do not consistently descend into completely unrelated subjects that are better discussed off line or in a different forum. 


6.      This is a discussion board / an education board not a trading board. Posters can trade titles on the board on a one title at a time basis. Advertising that you are in the business to trade or sell is not allowed and a poster will be banned. It is entirely appropriate to discuss new film noir releases on DVD, film noir poster collecting and sales, film festival events and other myriad other avenues and subjects that further interest in classic film noir.


7.      In order to continue this vital mission, it is only fair and reasonable that:


People do not post advertising or direct solicitations for film noir media that is sold by themselves or other commercial parties.


People do not link their own or other sites to the Blackboard that sell tapes and DVDs.


The Blackboard will not be held responsible for any damages that are a result of any contact made here at the Blackboard and then continued in private



Donít forget that true passion about classic film noir is a left-handed form of human endeavor.


Letís have fun, darkly.