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Danger & Despair's 
Thursday  Night 
Returns  in  September
with  4  new  films
  Hosted by Film Historian 
Marc Kagan
Rare 16 mm films in the Film Noir style
from the DDKC archives.
Free Admission with a Reservation
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Hollywood Hellcat Barbara Payton  in  'BAD BLONDE'  ( 1953 )  
Thursday Nights at 8:00 pm
List of Films & Schedule:
Thursday September  11th    8:00 p.m.
Make Haste To Live      (1954)      Republic Pictures            

w/ Dorothy McGuire, Stephen McNally & Mary Murphy 

Directed by:   William Seiter 

Written by :   Warren Duff and  Mildred & Gordon Gordon from the Gordon's novel 'Make Haste To Live'.
Photography :   John L. Russell  (  Moonrise - 1948, The Man from Planet X  - 1951, Hell's Half Acre - 1954  )
Living quietly in a small New Mexico town, single mother Chris Benson ( Dorothy McGuire ) is hiding from her past.  Just when things seem to turn for the better, her psychotic husband shows up with good reason to be upset.  Through a recorded message in flashback Chris tells a story that rightfully belongs only in the chronicles of Dark City.  Filmed in that wonderful atmospheric style found in many of the Republic Pictures film noirs, 'Make Haste to Live' co-stars Mary Murphy who rode on the back of Marlon Brando's "cycle " in 'The Wild One'.  
They're beautiful, they're cunning, they're dangerous and THEY ARE  .......
Thursday  September  18th       8:00 p.m.     
The Sign of the Ram    (1948)       Columbia Pictures                 
w/ Susan Peters, Alexander Knox , Phyllis Thaxter, Dame May Whitty
Directed by :  John Sturges 
Photography :  Burnett Guffey    (  Framed - 1947, In A Loney Place - 1950, Scandal Sheet - 1952  )
Script:   Charles Bennett  from the story by Margaret Ferguson

In this ADA compliant entry into darkness, Susan Peters plays wheelchair bound Leah St. Aubyn who writes poetry for a newspaper in London.  Set in a decaying mansion on the Cornish coast, Leah cynically manipulates all those around her.  She destroys her daughter's chance at true love and drives her son's fiancÚ to attempted suicide.  When this dysfunctional family has finally had enough, Leah becomes even more wicked and disturbed.  Previous to her role in "The Sign of the Ram'  Susan Peters was nominated for an Academy Award. 

This film is extremely rare don't miss this one!   Marc Kagan will shed light on the career of Susan Peters before the screening. 


Thursday  September  25th         8:00 p.m.  

The Come-On    (1956)       Allied Artists                            
w/ Anne Baxter, Sterling Hayden, John Hoyt, Jessie White
Directed by:   Russell Birdwell 
Photography :   Ernest Haller
Script:  Warren Douglas & Whitman Chambers from his novel
Drifter meets Grifter in this steamy story where Dave Arnold ( Sterling Hayden ) gets taken for a ride when he hooks up with the seductive Rita, played by Anne Baxter.   Dave's thinks he's hit the jackpot when he first spots Rita coming out of the surf on a tropical beach.   Then he finds out that she's involved with a violent and brutal John Hoyt, who's in fact a high class Grifter and just as dangerous as his partner, Rita. 
Will it lead to M-U-R-D-E-R?   Things definitely get hotter when the sun goes down in paradise.  
Anne Baxter's performance here comes shortly after her role in Fritz Lang's ' The Blue Gardenia '

Thursday  October  2nd    8:00 pm  

Bad Blonde    (1953)         Hammer Film Productions      

w/ Barbara Payton,  Tony Wright,  Frederick Valk,  John Slater

Directed by:   Reginald Le Borg  

Script:   Guy Elmes & Max Catto

They called me BAD...spelled M-E-N!    -    Made of FIRE and ICE... and everything DANGEROUS!   

Notorious actress Barbara Payton basically plays herself in this over the top English film noir originally titled 'The Flanagan Boy'.   Johnny Flanagan ( Tony Wright ), a young fighter from the streets of Liverpool is discovered by middle aged fight manager Giuseppi Vecchi. All goes well until, at training camp, Johnny meets his manager's American wife Mrs. Lorna Vecchi who's blonde, built and lookin' for trouble.   It isn't long before 'The Bad Blonde' sets her sights on poor Johnny.   Like a fly on the spider's web Johnny tries to escape, but it's useless. 

Barbara Payton, who's real life story reads like a 1950's film noir screenplay, was gray listed out of Hollywood by a few tinseltown mega-stars who were worried that she would ruin their careers with sex scandals. In the mid 1950's she ran off to England in an attempt to save her career and made several films, one of which is 'Bad Blonde'.  Eventually Barbara would return to Hollywood and end up on Skid Row.  Payton's acting in this film is totally uncanny in that she's playing a reckless calculating blonde on the loose. Ms. Payton, to this day has one of the longest arrest sheets of any actress in L.A.P.D. history including drunk in public, prostitution, check fraud and possession of heroin.   

So put on your old runny nylons, kick-up your libido and bring your Blonde Jokes to this undiscovered cult classic on Thursday October 2nd. 

For more on Barbara see John O'Dowd's interview at   THE BIG CHAT  
The young starlet hits Hollywood In better days at the Stork Club   At 35 after her arrest

Her Story in

  NYC with boyfriend Tom Neal  for drunk in public



Film Notes by Dark Marc

Free Admission by reservation Doors open at 7:00 pm  -  Films at 8:00 pm
email Lobby doors will close & lock at 8:10 pm 
or call  415 552-1533  for a seat reservation
  Lobby Attendent will direct you 
NOTE NEW LOCATION:  to the location within the building
182 2nd Street  San Francisco  
2nd Street @ Howard, 2 blocks south of  Market Enjoy Our No Host Bar  - Come early for a drink 
Use Montgomery Bart Station,  walk south on 2nd St. Start your weekend countdown on Thursday night!
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