The Screenings - Thursday Night  May 19th  2005
Flamingo Road - Misunderstood Actress  with  Marc Kagan
Marc "The Whiz" Kagan waits to speak about Joan Crawford

International Man of Mystery, Eddie Sudol

Steve Johnson  knows his films and Roman Noir
Just Friends, (That's nice) ... and a couple of NOIRHEADS!  (Huh-oh!!)
Film Collector and Historian Paul Meienberg prepares the projectors
 Marc Kagan & Paul Meienberg  
"Circle" main-man  Edward Dickey
Roberto relaxes with a bag of Dark City's favorite pre-film tradition
Must be fugitives on the run?
  Got ya' Abby Staeble  -  Now to check those Post Office Wanted posters.

Another fugitive on the run?!     


Boy oh boy.. they just let anyone in here!     Miguel Pendás 

'The One & Only Joe Britz

East meets West - The Bartells in town from Pennsylvania
Western Film expert Michael Wahl talks with 'The Whiz'
Roma of the South Seas
Marc talks about the life & times of Joan Crawford
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