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It's the return of ...
Those Wonderful Cheapies from Poverty Row

It's the return of our most popular series from 2004, those fast and furious Film Noirs from Hollywood's low rent back lots. When we think of the Hollywood studio era, films like Casablanca, Double Indeminity or  Gone With the Wind  come to mind. But Hollywood produced a steady flow of lesser vehicles, known as the B-pictures many of which are now forgotten.. The "Poverty Row" studios specialized in only these kinds of movies - cheap Westerns, cheap Adventures, and cheap Film Noir.

  In GET LOST 2,  we feature two films with actress Kay Francis from the infamous Poverty Row studio - Monogram Pictures




  Thursday February 24th     -   8:00 pm  
  THE INVISIBLE WALL        1947      2Oth Century Fox  
  w/   Don Castle, Virginia Christine    
        & Jeff Chandler 
Director:  Eugene Forde

A former GI returning from the war gets back his old job working for a bookie. Dispatched by the bookie to deliver $20,000 to a contact in Las Vegas, he foolishly loses some of the money at the gambling tables, then loses the rest of it to a conman. His attempts to recover the money result in his getting involved in mistaken identity and murder.

Poverty Row like cheapie product from a major studio.

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  With a very young and hot Virginia Christine. Best known to Americans as TV icon "Mrs Olson" in Folger's Coffee TV commercials in the '60s and '70s.  


  Thursday March  3rd     -   8:00 pm    -   Kay Francis  Double Bill  
  with special guest  Scott O'Brien  
  Author of the soon to be released book on Kay Francis  "I Can't Wait To Be Forgotten"   
  ALLOTMENT WIVES         1945      Monogram Pictures  
  w/ Kay Francis, Paul Kelly, Otto Kruger,  
      Gertrude Michael  & Teala Loring  
Director:  William Nigh
Kay as a con artist / racketeer / gangster posing as a socialite / philanthropist / entrepreneur with a marriage scam targeting servicemen. Throw in a nasty blackmailing Gertrude Michael, a ripe dysfunctional daughter, and a federal undercover agent in hot pursuit, this gritty and violent pot-boiler is the 'Mildred Pierce' of poverty row.
  Also on Thursday March 3rd ...........  
  WIFE WANTED           1946     Monogram Pictures  
    w/ Kay Francis, Paul Cavanagh  
     Robert Shayne, Veda Ann Borg
     & Teala Loring
Director: Phil Karlson
Kay as a over-the-hill film star who buys into a real estate venture only to discover it is a 'Lonely Hearts' scam. Before she knows it she is in over her head and implicated in blackmail and murder while trying to rescue a substitute daughter-figure on the BRINK. Kay gets to strut her stuff and is stunning especially in the nightclub sequences which are highlighted by a jazz pianist.

Is this really Noir? Join us as we watch and then discuss this super rare offering from the vaults of film collector Paul Meienberg.



  Thursday March  10th     -   8:00 pm  


BLACKMAIL   1947    Republic Pictures
w/ William Marshall, Adele Mara
       &   Ricardo Cortez
Lone Wolf private detective Dan Turner  is approached to investigate a blackmail scheme set to ruin the career of a powerful movie executive. Although he hasn't decided to take the case, the blackmailers believe that he is already on the job and mark him for  M-U-R-D-E-R! 

A totally laughable and entertaining film with the most stereotypical script to be found anywhere in Dark City. 'Blackmail' is jammed packed with hilarious over-the-top lines trying very hard to be provocative and cynical.  With veteran character actor Tristram Coffin as "Pinky"

Don't miss this one, it's a Riot!



  Thursday March  17th     -   8:00 pm  
  VIOLENCE           1947      Monogram Pictures  
    w/ Nancy Colman, Michael O'Shea  
     & Sheldon Leonard
Director: Jack Bernhard 
From the same director who brought us the femme fatale cheapie 'Blonde Ice' ( 1948 ) and the legendary 'Decoy'  (1946 ).

Magazine writer Ann Mason infiltrates the United Defenders, a public service organization which is actually a front for a gang of racketeers. Eventually things get dicey, but will a case of amnesia blow her cover?



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  Hosted by Dark Marc & Paul Meienberg  
  Special Guest Author Scott O'Brien  Thursday March 3rd  
  Film Notes:  Paul Meienberg,  Allotment Wives & Wife Wanted  
  Presented by  The Danger & Despair Knitting Circle:  
  Eddie Sudol, Allen Petrich, Abby Staeble, Roma Dolezal  
  Daniela Powers, Paul Meienberg, Jessica Levant, Don Gieb,  
  Jim Cassady, Marc Kagan, Edward Dickey, Ron Rich  
  Ilene Shapiro, Alan Rode, Robert Teal, Marc Dolezal  






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Notorious Film Collector Paul Meienberg in Cambodia 1963, searching for


 the last known print of that Hope Emerson classic 'Male Slaves Wanted!'







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