1930's and 40's SPY Films
@ The City Club
With Film Collector & Historian Paul Meienberg
March 9th - April 13th 2006
Gertrude Michael & Herbert Marshall in 'Till We Meet Again'

This series takes a look at a mid-20th Century era of International tension and paranoid functioning between the ending of the two World Wars. This was not only a nervous and insecure time, but in retrospect a naive period in world history. One that may be not so far removed from our present world situation. While the movies shown here are Hollywood representations, the films are an insight into the public's mindset particularly in Europe where the kingdoms of the Old Aristocratic World were colliding with a then new violent World Order. A horrific plan which despite it's early promises, only replaced the criteria for who was privileged. 

That said, the entertainment value in these films can not be denied and one can only wonder if these movies  were late night inspiration for a young and budding Maxwell Smart?   Did Modesty Blase pick up a pointer or two from her elder counterparts?  Come and find out as we step into the world of the 1930's and 40's Spy.




Paul Meienberg, who programmed the series, will introduce the films and entertain us with information on the actors and production staff who made these classics. 




Following the screenings, scholar Daniel Hodges will speak about the influence of the Spy Film on Film Noir.

  Doors open at 7:00 pm  with a full Bar  -  Films at 8:00 pm  -  Come early and get a good seat  

Thurs.  March 9th      8:00 pm 

    ‘TILL WE MEET AGAIN’   (PARAMOUNT 1936)    Director:  Robert Florey
  Cast: Herbert Marshall, Gertrude Michael, Lionel Atwill,Rod Laroque.  
Gertrude Michael in a Mata Hari role finds herself in an espionage face-off during World War I against her old lover Herbert Marshall.  Fast paced action, suspense and romance as Gertrude arouses the desire of three men.  

Thurs.  March 16th     8:00 pm

    ‘LANCER SPY’   ( FOX 1937 )    Director:  Gregory Ratoff  
  Cast: Dolores Del Rio, George Saunders, Peter Lorre  
George Saunders goes underground during WWI to impersonate his look-alike in Germany.  
    Peter Lorre assigns cabaret singer Dolores Del Rio to test his allegiances.  

Thurs.  March 23rd     8:00 pm

    ‘BERLIN CORRESPONDENT’   (FOX - 1942)    Director:  Eugene Forde  
  Cast: Dana Andrews, Virginia Gilmore, Martin Kosleck, Mona Maris  
1942 Foreign correspondent Dana Andrews smuggles vital information out of Germany in the early days of WW2 before Pearl Harbor; VIrginia Gilmore as a Nazi counter-intelligence  who dallies with Andrews; Martin Kosleck as a sadistic Nazi.  
    Thurs.  March 30th       NO FILM   DATE CLOSED  

Thurs.  April 6th     8:00 pm 

    ‘SECRETS OF SCOTLAND YARD’   (REPUBLIC - 1944)    Director:  George Blair  
  Cast: Edgar Barrier, Stephanie Bachelor, C. Aubrey Smith  
1944 Edgar Barrier in dual role of twin brothers, one a loyal Brit, the other a Nazi spy; Stephanie Bachelor as the love interest suspected of treason; Scotland Yard discovers one among their decoders is a traitor.  

Thurs.  April  13th     8:00 pm 

    ‘HOTEL RESERVE’   (British/ U.S. RKO 1946)    Director:  Victor Hanbery  
  Cast: James Mason, Lucie Mannheim, Herbert Lom, Patricia Medina  
1946 Eric Ambler thriller concerns medical student James Mason arrested for photographing naval facilities on French Riviera prior to WW2.   French police believe a fellow guest at Hotel Reserve is actual culprit.   Mason is forced to prove his innocence.  
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Special Thanks to Film Collector Paul Meienberg for the programming and the loan of all the prints in this series.
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