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  Those Nasty Commies in Film Noir!
  In the late 1940's & early 50's according to movie moguls like Howard Hughes, Jack Warner and Herbert J. Yates,  all Communists were husky brutal thugs who fashioned expensive suits, drove high end cars and pistol-whipped their supporters into blind leftist submission.
    If a woman was involved, she was usually used as bait to lure a poor innocent Patriot into GODLESS HELL! And you can bet she was an erotic dame with a short fuse and hiding a Eastern European accent!  These Big Screen Commies had no interest in fair play and equality for the working class. They had one purpose and one purpose only! The violent overthrow of the government of The United States OF AMERICAAA!!!!  
Now for your viewing pleasure, direct from Tinseltown's bygone opulent executive offices, we are proud to present a group of films that are today laughable.  Yet at the same time have a striking similarity to the campaign of political hysteria being orchestrated by the Bush administration, which in itself appears like a bad Hollywood 'B' Noir!
You're invited to come, laugh and enjoy THE RED SCARE ... but, BE CAREFUL Shhh!... don't tell your neighbors.
P.S. The password is "When in Doubt, Kick the REAL Crooks Out!"  -  on Tuesday November 2nd.


    Thursday October 7th           8:00 pm  
      ' WALK A CROOKED MILE '         Released  September 2nd  1948 -  Columbia Pictures  
      Directed by Gordon Douglas  written by George Bruce &  Bertram Millhauser  
      Produced by Grant Wytock    Photography: George Robinson   (The Invisible Ray, Blonde Ice, Open Secret)  
      w / Louis Hayward, Dennis O'Keefe, Louise Allbritton, Raymond Burr  
      A well casted docu-drama with cult favorite Dennis O'Keefe playing F.B.I. agent Daniel F. O'Hara, who is co-assigned with his UK counterpart Philip 'Scotty' Grayson played by Louis Hayward.    
CASE ON FILE: Stop the traitors who are selling Atomic Secrets to the Commies!
Our boys start in Los Angeles but it isn't long before they end up in the nation's hotbed of Political Radicals and Kooks - Where?  Why San Francisco, of course!  There's some terrific location shots for those seeking more SF NOIR. A very rare film that still hasn't made it on to VHS, DVD or even Television! This film may be the first Anti-Communist film in the noir style to be released by a Hollywood studio.  The Rarest film in the series and one not to be missed.


    Thursday October 14th           8:00 pm  
      ' I MARRIED A COMMUNIST '   aka  'The Woman on Pier 13'     Released  June 15th  1950  -  RKO  
      Directed by Robert Stevenson   
      Written by Robert Hardy Andrews & Charles Grayson   from a story by George W. George & George Slavin  
      Produced by Sid Rogell and Jack J. Gross     Photography: Nicholas Musuraca  
      w / Robert Ryan, Laraine Day, Janis Carter, Thomas Gomez, William Talman  & John Agar  
      No one in Hollywood had more to gain financially from a Cold War military buildup than RKO Studios owner Howard Hughes. As an industrialist he hated the unions and in this cleverly disguised film he slanders San Francisco Dockworkers Union leader Harry Bridges.  In the 1930's Bridges an Australian stevedore, got tired of the corrupt conditions on San Francisco's docks; job buying, forced 16 hours shifts and regular deaths due to poor safety. When his efforts to make changes went unanswered, he organized and re-started a defunct union. Due to the violent response by the shipping companies and their political henchmen, Bridges was able to mustered up enough grassroots support to form a complete blockade of the Port of San Francisco. This pissed off the Fat Cats and in a dramatic showdown in San Francisco on July 5th 1934, known as Bloody Thursday, the cops storm trooped strikers and fired their firearms into lines of unarmed men. Hundreds were injured and two lay dead, one a member of the Communist Party. While it was never proved that Bridges was a Communist, he did turn to the Party for help and guidance when there were very few other options. It's important to remember that it wasn't, then or now, illegal to be a Communist.

'I Married A Communist', with it's haute cultured Commies as gangsters, is a classic example of the conservative's tried and true method of demonizing their opponents. A technique still being used today by Bush and his cronies. It is now a fact of public record, that in the 1930's some of the Power Brokers of San Francisco routinely hired mercenary killers and freed jailed criminals to rough up and murder those involved in the Dockworkers Movement.


      Don't miss Thomas Gomez as a well dressed Party honcho and Janis Carter as Man Bait for the Reds!  


    Thursday October 21th           8:00 pm  
      ' THE RED MENACE '         Released  August 1st  1949  -  Republic Pictures  
      Directed by R.G. Springsteen  written by Albert DeMond  & Gerald Geraghty  
      Produced by Herbert J. Yates   Photography: Joh  MacBurnie  
      w / Robert Rockwell, Hannelore Axman, Betty Lou Gerson  & Lester Luther  
      Herbert J. Yates and Republic Pictures entered the fray with this moody story starring Robert Rockwell as a disgruntled WWII vet who is seduced into joining the Communist Party by a very sexy Hanne Axman.    
We like Ricky Mooney's notes in the IMDb: "

" The "Reefer Madness" of Cold War films. And throw in a touch of "Plan 9 From Outer Space" and you've got the idea. The Commies are using sex and booze to lure all-American boys to do ... just what isn't exactly clear, but the ultimate goal is to promote atheism and destroy freedom. Meanwhile, all they seem to be doing is killing their own members when not turning them in to the INS. "

A full-on camp classic with the Commies hanging out in a bar called "Club Domino." 



    Thursday October 28th           8:00 pm  
      ' I WAS A COMMUNIST FOR THE F.B.I. '         Released  May 2nd  1951  -  Warner Brothers  
      Directed by Gordon Douglas  written by Crane Wilbur from a Saturday Evening Post article by Pete Martin  
      Produced by Brian Foy    Photography: Edwin DuPar  
      w / Frank Lovejoyt, Dorothy Hart, Philip Carey  & James Millican  
      The supposed "True Life Story" of Matt Cvetic, a F.B.I. Mole in the Socialist heavy unions of Pennsylvania. Frank Lovejoy puts in a good performance as Cvetic in this well made film, the best of the Red Scare Noirs. 'I Was A Communist ..' was nominated for an Academy Award for 'Best Documentary'. It gets our Award for the 'Most Dishonest Film' ever made in Hollywood! 

Cvetic's story was first put to use in a radio show with Dana Andrews as the undercover agent. Then Warners paid Cvetic $12,500.00 for the film rights. When released the poster proclaimed "I know a hundred secrets .. and each one is worth my life!". After the radio show and film there were not too many SECRETS left, but we were left with a pack of lies!

To get the complete story you'll have to make a reservation to see this film. We promise that the full TRUE story is worth it. It's up there with 'I Was A Cross-Dresser for the F.B.I.' 



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