Hey Screw!!  I didn' think these Saps had any friends!?!!
   Mike Keaney's Film Noir Home Page    The author's site w/ some terrific photos worth the visit!
   Film and Roman Noir    Great site very interesting  highly recommended!
   The Fedora Chronicles   This is fun just like the old days!    This site is happening !!  So Much great information.
   A.K. Rode at Side Streets & Back Alleys #4   2002 Egyptian Theatre Fest. review
   A.K. RIDES again into Palm Springs  2002 Palm Springs Film Noir Festival review
   TV-Now - Noir Schedules  Warm up your VCR's, here's what on TV this month
   TV-Now - Home Page   Without a doubt a major internet institution!
   Old B-Movies  A History Of B-Movies,Their Production Companies, Series and Performers
   The Sara Shane Story  Web Site for a terrific actress star of Outer Limits & film noir.  
   The    John Cambell's colorful site for 16mm films and rare videos   
   Classic Noir On-Line   Fun site, beautiful graphics with a terrific noir trivia test
   Director John Brahm Home Page    Sumishta Brahm's beautiful site on her father.
   Torys' Mystery Movies  Doug Palmer's site for Charlie Chan, Mr. Moto  etc 
   The Dark Room     "Strange things happen in dark rooms".   David Edelman's hip noir site, vote for your favorite hard-boiled guy!  Beautiful site.  Foreign films that influenced American film noir
   Dark Film Discussionss  Film Noir MESSAGE BOARD  & Chat Page   
   International Movie Data Base  -  Film Noir   Look up movie info at IMDb
   IMDb  -  Top Searched Film Noir Titles   Most popular searches at IMDb 
   IMDb  -  Top Voted Film Noir Titles   The 'Best Noirs' as voted at IMDb   A San Francisco underground film institution!
   Dennis Swartz  Noir Page with Links   Many links to movies etc.    Great LINKS PAGE    Over 39,00  links to film-related websites
   "Night of the Soul: American Film Noir"   Rebecca Stankowski   Purdue University
   Off Beat TV   Wierd & Wild Movies broadcast from WKBW-TV in Buffalo  
   Party with 'Dub-ya'    You are on your own here!  Thanks to Christi for this one. 
   Cinema Dementia   Interesting site by Chip Hess  16mm film collector.     
   J. Todd Dockery  A Kentucky Gentleman of the Savage Arts     
   Blackhat Mystery Bookstore  Gary Nordell's super nice site w/ links for noir in print    
   Magic Lantern Video & Book Store  Any site linking Elisha Cook Jr has got to be hip!    
   Film Noir Stars on Hollywood Blvd.  Fun site with historic places and stars on the street   
   American Film Foundation  Award-Winning Documentaries








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