1940's & 50's  Film Noir Set In
North Beach & San Francisco
Thursday Nights in October & November at:
Kennedy’s Pub 
1040 Columbus Street (near Chestnut St)
North Beach San Francisco  (415) 441-8855
Great Indian Food      Beer & Wine Bar   -  Appetizers
16mm Films -  Free Admission  –  Open to the Public
  Oct. 23  8pm      THIEVES’ HIGHWAY   ( 1949 )    Richard Conte  - Valentina Cortese   - Lee J. Cobb  
  Filmed mostly at night in San Francisco ’s old Produce Market district on the Embarcadero.  Rare noir jewel.  
  Oct. 30  8 pm     THE LADY FROM SHANGHAI   ( 1947 )    Orson Wells   -  Rita Hayworth  
  Orson Wells directed and stars in this film noir classic remembered for the Play Land FUN HOUSE ‘Mirror Scene’  
  Nov.  6   8pm      THE RAGING TIDE     ( 1951 )   Richard Conte  -  Shelley Winters   -  Stephen McNally  
  Fisherman’s Wharf is featured in this story of a Hitman hiding out on a fishing boat . Great Location shots.  
  Nov. 13  8pm      DARK PASSAGE     ( 1947 )     Humphrey Bogart  -  Lauren Bacall  -  Agnes Moorehead  
  Wrongly accused man escapes San Quentin prison to a famous Telegraph Hill apartment.   Classic Bogart.  
Programmed by Lance Carnes & Marc Dolezal      Sponsored by Kennedy’s Pub & Beck’s Beer 
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