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 Martin Mooney

"A self-crowned king of a gray-walled world of treacherous men... He out-schemed, out-talked, out-fought them all!"

This was the original tagline for the 1940 movie 'Millionaires in Prison' , based on a story by Martin Mooney. With the top executives of Enron, Worldcom and etc. waiting in the wings for a stint at the Federal Government's country club, we have to ask ourselves could Mooney have foreseen the future?  Who knows?  

We do know that Martin Mooney was a prolific but obscure hard-boiled writer and producer who worked on several low budget noir classics including 'Blonde Ice', 'Detour' & 'Bluebeard'. After years of working in New York City as a newspaper reporter, columnist, playwright and press agent, he entered the film business in 1935 as a screenwriter. Between 1935 and 1939 he wrote the stories for 9 movies including 'Special Agent' (1935) ,'Bullets and Ballots' (1936), 'Missing Girls' (1936) and 'Mutiny In the Big House' (1939). During this period Mooney proved that he wasn't afraid to push the censors and tackle controversial topics. In 1943 he joined the poverty row studio PRC Pictures (Producers Releasing Corporation), where his duties included screenwriting and managing the advertising and publicity departments. Mooney's background in the rough-and-tumble New York City newspaper world was the impetus for PRC specializing in the gritty urban crime dramas it was known for.  

While he may be best remembered for being an associate producer and co-scriptwriter on Edgar G. Ulmer's  masterpiece, "Detour", he was not listed in the credits when the film was released. Mooney was born in New York City April 17, 1896 and died in Los Angeles January 21, 1967. We hope, through this tape special, to bring to light the accomplishments of this talented man who quietly contributed to classic film noir.

Film Noir Filmography & List of Videos Available:
BLUEBEARD      1944     
Directed by Edgar G. Ulmer            
Script:  Pierre Gendron
Starring:  John Carridine, Jean Parker, Nils Asther
Martin Mooney was the associate producer for Producers Releasing Corporation (PRC)
Released :  October 19th, 1944
Bluebeard is truly a weird picture and the noir purest will say "What's this doing here"!  It is a Horror thriller but the visuals and lighting can be appreciated much in the same way as a Val Lewton picture. John Carridine plays a 19th century puppeteer and artist who strangles women after having painted their portraits. Fans of Carridine love this film because it's one of the few movies that puts his acting abilities in the spot light. If you like Poverty Row movies this is worth the price of admission.
Directed by Vernon Keays           
Script:  Martin Goldsmith
Starring:  Charles Arnt, Veda Van Borg, Tom Keene
Martin Mooney was the associate producer for Producers Releasing Corporation (PRC)
Released :  August 21st, 1945
This is a rich little cheapie that fans of 'Detour' will appreciate.  Jenny (Veda Ann Borg), is hitchhiking across the country when she is accidentally struck by a car. The driver, Max Ducone (Charles Arnt), offers to take her into his home until she can resume traveling. Later Ducone's wife is murdered and Jenny wants to find the killer. With the aid of detective Curtis (Tom Keene), she discovers who did it and why! While 'Dangerous Intruder' is lacking the direction of a Edgar G. Ulmer, it is steaming with that PRC atmosphere. 
DETOUR       1945
Directed by Edgar G. Ulmer         
Script:  Martin Goldsmith and Martin Mooney
Starring:  Tom Neal, Ann Savage, Claudia Drake
Martin Mooney was the associate producer for Producers Releasing Corporation (PRC)
Released :  November 30th, 1945
This is one of the all-time great examples of film noir. Told in flashback, New York musician Al Roberts (Tom Neal) decides to hitch-hike to Los Angeles to be with his actress girlfriend. Along the way he's picked up by a man who later shows up dead. Fearing the police, Al assumes the identity of the dead man. But when he ends up giving a lift to a woman simply known as Vera (Ann Savage), everything goes haywire! 'Detour' can practically be used to define the noir style: shadowy black and white cinematography; a star-crossed protagonist ("...fate sticks out a leg to trip you."); a femme fatale (the unforgettable Ann Savage as Vera); cynical voice-over narration; ambiguous morality. All these elements are brought together magnificently by director Edgar G. Ulmer, who incredibly made this movie in six days on a budget of $30,000.00. His direction is so masterful that the low budget sets only add to the film. This is a great masterpiece and one of the marvels in film history.
SAN QUENTIN      1946
Directed by Gordon Douglas          
Script:  Howard J. Green, Lawrence Kimble, Martin Mooney
Starring:  Lawrence Tierney, Marion Carr, Barton MacLane
Martin Mooney was the producer for RKO Radio Pictures
Released :  December 16th, 1946
San Quentin is a one of a kind picture that only Martin Mooney could of have produced. It has the distinctive RKO look and feel, but the plot for this movie may be more wack-o than it's male lead was in real life. Lawrence Tierney, plays an ex-con let out of prison early, to fight in WWII. While in prison he helps to start a progressive prisoners league, which helps harden cons reform.  When one of the leaders of the league escapes and goes on a killing spree, hard-line politicos want to shut down the League. Will Larry be able to save it?  A must have tape for fans of Hollywood tough guy Lawrence Tierney. 
Directed by Robert Wise   
Script: Lawrence Kimble  from a story by Earl Fenton 
Starring:  Tom Conway, Martha O'Driscoll, Steve Brodie, Robert Armstrong
Martin Mooney was the producer for RKO Radio Pictures
Another rare obscure 'B' noir produced by Martin Mooney.  In Criminal Court, Stephen Barnes (Tom Conway) is an lawyer who is planning to run for District Attorney. He accidentally kills a gangster who owns a nightclub where his girlfriend is the singer. Although he manages to cover up his involvement in the crime, his girlfriend Georgia (Martha O'Driscoll) discovers the body and is subsequently charged with the murder.
BLONDE ICE      1948
Directed by Jack Bernhard            
Script: Kenneth Garnet, Raymond Schrock, Edgar G. Ulmer  
               From the novel 'Once Too Often' by Whitman Chambers
Starring:  Leslie Brooks, Robert Paige
Martin Mooney was the producer for Film Classics Inc.
Released :  July 24th, 1948
This is the legendary 'B' classic starring Leslie Brooks as femme fatale Claire. Set in San Francisco it's easy to wonder which is colder, the local fog or Claire with "ice in her veins, Icicles on her heart!". You can forget about introducing this lady to your mother. Blonde and beautiful, Claire marries rich men for their money and then murders them.  Is there any other reason? Blonde Ice was photographed by cameraman George Robinson who lensed 'Dracula' and helped to create the look of the Universal horror films.    
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It is fair to say that the author's work here is nothing less then visionary. These actresses never received the credit that they deserved and now in the their golden years someone has come forward to celebrate the contributions that they made to the American Cinema. The word on the street in Dark City is, that no one could have done it better than the Mayor, Eddie Muller.

Among his works, Dark City: The Lost World of Film Noir and a recently released novel 'The Distance' available through Scribner Fiction.  He is the co-director of the Annual Festival Of Film Noir at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood during March and April.

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