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Screaming Mimi



w/Anita Ekberg, Gypsy Rose Lee, Phil Carey 
 &  jazz great Red Norvo with his Trio 

When it comes to twisted thrillers, this tawdry black & white gem was ahead of it time, 'Mimi' opens up with a bang! In a shower scene predating 'Psycho', Anita Ekberg is attacked with a knife by a out of control maniac. . Was Hitchcock watching? Combining a crazed killer, a strip club run by a lesbian; played by Gypsy Rose Lee, Modern Jazz, obsessive relationships and the beautiful Anita Ekberg ('La Dolce Vita'), Columbia Pictures booked this picture into a few domestic 'B' slots as the second billing, then filed it away rather quickly hoping that it would be soon forgotten.

Without a doubt a kinky film for mainstream Hollywood in the 1950's, 'Mimi' is hard to classify. Holding court somewhere between Exploitation bizarreness and classic Crime dramas, this film is a great example of what was going on with tinseltown's avant-garde of the late 1950's 

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QuickTime video clip :  Anita Ekberg as the voluptuous, exotic dancer Yolanda, in Screaming Mimi. A rapt audience of gentlemen watch the Swedish beauty do her thing! What could they possibly be planning?  
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If your sexual preference is female, put your libido in overdrive as Ekberg puts on a exotic dance that may have given the Decency Board a heart attack. (Watch the video clip below)

Presently with a renewed interest bordering on a cult following, 'Mimi' is a film ready to be accepted into that exclusive silver and nitrate country club called Film Noir.

This very rare movie is a unique addition to any film noir collection. Reduced from a 16 mm print, the picture quality and sound level are great! 

'Screaming Mimi', comes in a black plastic clamshell with a full color cover as shown in the photo.     

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Dial 1119

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w/ Marshall Thompson, Andrea King, Sam Levene      Virgina Field & William Conrad as the bartender 

Gunther Wyckoff is a returning WWII veteran trying to re-adjust to civilian life. Problem is, Gunther was sociopathic before going to war, now his intensified condition has sent him into a paranoid world, where he finds no escape. During a bus ride to see a psychiatrist , he kills the driver, escapes and finds refuge in a small bar. When the other bar patrons find out who he is, all hell breaks loose and Gunther holds the bar hostage. Dial 1119 presents a blistering critique of news media hysteria. One is left wondering who's worse? The cold unfeeling psycho or the cognizant reporters foaming at the mouth.  This very rare noir classic is so obscure that it is not listed in the IMDb (International Movie Data Base) as a film noir. Understandable, because Dial 1119 hasnt been seen in years.  An MGM Studios entry into quality B features under new studio boss Dory Schary, Dial 1119 looks more like an A picture when compared to other films noir of the same period. 

'Dial 1119', comes in a black plastic clamshell with a full color cover as shown in the photo.     



Nora Prentiss

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w/ Ann Sheridan, Kent Smith, Bruce Bennett,
    Wanda Hendrix & Rosemary DeCamp

'Nora Prentiss' is photographed by master cameraman James Wong Howe, in an exceptionally expressionistic style. While basically a tragic love story, 'Nora' is far to sick to fall into the same category as other melodramatic noirs like 'The Unfaithful' or 'Mildred Pierce'.

A successful doctor Richard Talbot (Kent Smith) leads an austere married life among San Francisco's elite. He comes to realize that, while comfortable, he's bored at heart. Then he meets beautiful nightclub singer, Nora Prentiss (Ann Sheridan) and they fall in love. Talbot's weakness is that he cannot bear to tell his wife that he wants to leave. When a walk-in patient dies in his exam room, Talbot devises a plan that becomes one of the most ironic in all of noir. Slowly fatalistic hopelessness moves in to deliver the good doctor a bitter pill. Released by Warner Brothers, who's publicity promoted 'Nora Prentiss' as a typical femme fatale movie, but in fact it is the male that leads the characters down a dark path.

Comes in a plastic clamshell with a full color cover. 




The Brasher Doubloon

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w/ George Montgomery, Nancy Guild, 
    Conrad Janis, Florence Bates & Roy Roberts

Directed by John Brahm, 'Brasher Doubloon'  has been one of the most sought after videos for the last year. This 1947 version of the hard-boiled Raymond Chandler novel entitled 'The High Window', once again leads us to the down & dirty Los Angeles world of detective Phillip Marlowe. A role played by Humphrey Bogart, Dick Powell & others. In this film, Marlowe is chasing after a rare coin, "The Brasher Doubloon", for the rich and eccentric Mrs. Murdock. In the process Marlowe also chases after Mrs. Murdock's secretary played by the beautiful and talented Nancy Guild, who also appeared in the noir classic 'Somewhere In The Night'. It soon becomes clear that this Brasher Doubloon is one of the biggest MacGuffins in all of film noir.  Well worth the price including a full color cover in a plastic case.

Comes in a black plastic clamshell with a full color cover as shown in the photo.     




Highway Dragnet

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w/ Richard Conte, Wanda Hendrix, Joan Bennett  

While directed by Nathan Juran, who worked on 1950's Sci-Fi and Fantasy films such as 'Attack of the 50 Foot Woman', 'The Deadly Mantis' and  'The 7th Voyage of Sinbad' ,"HIGHWAY DRAGNET'   is more of a curiosity because it was the first film that Roger Corman worked on as a co-producer / co-writer. The appearance of Wanda Hendrix, as model Susan Willis is a wonderful surprise and she may have turned in the best acting job of all in this late period crime noir.  

Sgt. James Henry (Richard Conte) has been recently released from the military and stops in Las Vegas to look up an old friend. There he picks up on a saucy bar girl, who later ends up dead. He's rounded up by the police for questioning but escapes and goes on the run. Along the way he's offered a ride by a fashion photographer Mrs. Cummings (Joan Bennett) and her model Susan Willis. 'Highway Dragnet' repeats two plot themes found often in noir. The American soldier readjusting to civilian life and the wrongly accused man. 

Comes in a plastic clamshell with a full color cover. 

These tapes come in a limited edition, full color plastic  clamshell cover. Great tapes at a fantastic price.  
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